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As a business owner in an increasingly sophisticated eCommerce environment you have had to become more and more security conscious. Like in the pre-digital days you will intuitively protect your cash register from potential from criminals. You will always keep your sensitive documents safely secure from prying eyes. Sadly this type of caution is no longer enough to keep you, your staff and your business secure.

We now must ask ourselves – is our data fully secure? Criminals now use incredibly advanced information age tools.

Are our networks secure against this type of threat? At a basic level, cyber criminals will attempt to steal personal information, such as credit cards, social security and bank account numbers and passwords. New-age criminals use ransomware, spyware, malware and other illicit applications to hijack computers and then use them in larger criminal enterprises. Entire networks of hijacked PCs—“botnets”—are used to send spam e-mails intended to direct recipients to fraudulent websites designed to extract personal information.It is increasingly difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. In many cases nowadays even the trained eye is challenged to distinguish between the fraudulent platform and the legitimate.

Consider what it would take to rebuild your business if you lose all your data. Apart from the financial implications your company’s reputation will be tarnished.

This is a cruel blow considering the time an effort you put into building your business. Not only do clients need to feel secure in their dealings with you – they must actually be secure. This is how your solid corporate reputation is maintained.
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