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Share our energy, creativity and a passion for marketing

Marketing Consultancy

We help you grow your business!

It is all about matching together those that need help in terms of money, expertise and contacts with those that are keen to offer money, expertise and contacts to businesses that can convince them that they offer real opportunity for growth and profits.

So why don’t you simply use the service for a month? If you like the experience we carry on; if you don’t we simply cancel the arrangement.

We provide a range of services to small businesses. All will help the owner or manager improve the business’ performance across areas such as marketing, planning, business continuity and technology usage.

Energy, creativity and a passion for the hitting targets are what make our customers want our services. The commitment to making your business ever more profitable and successful is a fundamental part to all services offered.

We know that a lot of business owners are scared to even ask for advice for many different reasons. Maybe it is because of the very expensive costs associated with the answers! Or because they feel they are not able to explain exactly what it is they think the problem is.

  • It will cost you nothing to send us an email.
  • It will cost you nothing to get our reply.
  • We will not charge any client for our first meeting, should one be requested or needed.
  • Before any work commences terms are agreed and the relationship can be ended at any time.
  • All contracts are rolling short term ones.
  • If you don’t see the success then you can end the relationship.

In addition to providing advice Script Spell appraises, manages, implements, deploys, and administers IT systems on behalf of its clients. Best advice on outsourcing or part-outsourcing is crucial in an ever-changing IT environment. A regular challenge in the IT department of today is assessing the myriad of ideas which come from current and possible new technology suppliers.

Script Spell has extensive experience in spotting value, and seeing the potential pitfalls in the many IT development proposals which a modern company now receives on such a regular basis.

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