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Web Applications Development

Bespoke Applications. Any Business. Any Industry.

We specialize in creating applications that manage your data through a web. We always work closely with you during a "Needs Analysis" stage in order to design a system that perfectly suits your needs and requirements.

We can design and develop a custom application for your business to manage people, inventory, documents, clients, properties, sales, purchases... whatever you really need. Our solutions will deal with data forms with complex calculations, multi-layers views and tables, custom actions, real-time reports, documents repositories, payments and data import and export functionalities. We can also help you migrate current data from your, old and unwanted CMS or application.

Creating a custom application, designed specifically for you, gives you a complete control and flexibility with its every part.

If you can imagine your new application, we probably can build it. And it costs you nothing to send us an email with a simple inquiry. We will take it from there!

Contact us Today! It is Free!
Contact us Today! It is Free!
Our Web Applications

Standard Applications

Currently we are offering below standard web applications on SaaS (Software as a Service) basis. These are publicly available for any business and come in one package. They are however highly configurable and customizable directly from the clients administrator panel.

I Am Here

A powerful, yet very easy to use and manage, application to track your construction staff work, time and activities.:

  • Employees working time and activities management
  • Construction sites overview
  • Clients, jobs and spare parts logs
  • Documentations repository
  • Subcontractors and architects base
  • Individual, team and company notifications, alerts and tasks
  • Multi-level, real-time and dynamic reporting and statistics
  • Mobile version for constructions staff
More About I Am Here
More About I Am Here

Complaints Tracker

Simple, intuitive and powerful solution to manage and track your customers, employees and suppliers complaints.:

  • Company and individual dashboards
  • Employees flexible permissions with account management
  • Complaints recording, tracking, management and reporting
  • Complaints documentations repository
  • Clients and suppliers base
  • Individual, team and company notifications, alerts and tasks
  • Multi-level, real-time and dynamic reporting and statistics
  • Easy and flexible licensing
More About Complaints Tracker
More About Complaints Tracker
Our Web Applications

Customizable Applications

Our offering consists two standard application that can be customized for specific needs of your company. Customization service ranges from simple branding to developing new modules, functionalities and features.

Insurance Broker Customer Portal

This application has been developed for insurance brokers to deliver a similar to online banking solution to their clients. It can be adapted to any broker needs and upgraded with any features and functionalities that may be required depending on data in brokers possession, requirements and needs.

The application consists of 2 main parts: customers portal (for clients) and agents portal (for broker employees). We offer complete walk-through, demo, customization and staff training. Main customer portal features:

  • Customers personal details management
  • Insurance products management (such as car or home policies)
  • Insurance claims notifications
  • Life and pensions products
  • Investments and financial portfolios
  • Various payments options including missed payments
Ask for More Details
Ask for More Details

Staff Registry

Staff Registry is an excellent tool for small and medium businesses which need simple but flexible and affordable employees management system. Our application consists of 3 independent modules: Staff Directory, Human Resources and Recruitment.

Each module can be customized to your needs or simply disconnected. We offer complete walk-through, demo, customization and staff training. Key features:

  • Company staff directory by employees, teams, departments, offices, roles, positions, functions etc
  • Resources sections with company documents, brochures, suppliers, manuals, procedures etc
  • Company news, notifications, alerts, events, photo galleries and more
  • Company widgets e.g. currency exchange, weather, time zones, units converter and so on
  • Clock-in & Clock-out system
  • Annual leaves and days off control and management with dynamic calendars
  • Individual certifications and skills tracker
  • Salary, bonuses and benefits tracker
  • Complete recruitment module with smart-matching option, interview scheduler, candidates management and open jobs tracker
Ask for More Details
Ask for More Details
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